English Speaking & Writing Support


国際課では、学生の皆さんが自然な英語を書き、話せるようになるお手伝いをしたいと願い、「English Speaking & Writing Support」の時間を設けています。エッセイやスピーキングの原稿など、皆さんが書いた英文であれば、どんな文章でも添削・指導いたします。特に、TOEFL®・IELTSの受験を予定している方、留学を予定している方の積極的な利用を期待しています。


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日時 8月26日(月)~ 9月13日(金)の毎週月・火・水・木・金曜日(予定)
リーダー Mr. Jay Crystall(月・金曜日)
Ms. Brandy Nakamura(火曜日)
Mr. John Michael Martinez(水曜日)
Ms. Irina Smykovskaya(木曜日)
内容 TOEFL・ IELTSライティング/スピーキング等の添削・指導の他、自由英作文の添削もします。参加者が持参した英文をもとに約20分間、リーダーと学生の1対1(1対2も可)で行います。英会話力の向上にもうってつけです。 
参加費 無料
参加資格 本学在学生(大学院生を含みます)
募集人数 各日7~10名程度
参加方法 <オンライン>7月12日(金)以降、こちらから専用の予約フォームに入力し予約してください。



Ms. Brandy Nakamura
Hello! I’m Brandy Nakamura. I’m from West Virginia in the United States. I moved to Kyotanabe City, Japan with my husband and children in 2010, and I have been teaching conversational English since I arrived here. My students have ranged in age from 3 years old to 77 years old. English can be enjoyable for all ages! I love helping students learn how to express themselves effectively and develop a deeper level of communication. I think language is best learned while having fun!



Mr. Jay Crystall
Hi There!
My name is Jay Crystall. I'm originally from New York, and proud to call Japan my new home for 9 years. I've been teaching at Doshisha for 6 years and started my own education based business in Kyoto. I'm deeply committed to helping students develop confident English communication skills and to build bridges of culture and understanding to and from Japan. I recently published a book about a foreigner's experiences and perspective on modern day Japan. Additionally, I perform, record and have many videos of my original music online. Let's study!



Mr. John Michael Martinez
Hello! My name is John Michael Martinez. I was born in the US in Texas but I grew up in California. I've really lived all over the West Coast in the US though; from LA to San Francisco to Seattle. If you need any travel tips for the USA, feel free to ask me! I've lived in Japan for almost three years now, and I'm currently based in Tokyo. My favorite thing to do is to adventure, explore new places, and meet new people. So far, Amami Oshima, Beppu, and Kyoto have been my favorite places that I've visited here in Japan. I'm always open to new travel recommendations, so let me know if you have any! I look forward to studying English and getting to know one another!



Ms. Irina Smykovskaya
Dear Students!
My name is Irina Smykovskaya, please call me イリーナ先生, and from this September I will be your Thursday chat room teacher. I live in Kyoto with my family and many-many pets. I love nature, traveling, and studying.. Yes, all my life I kept studying something, just recently I became a yoga instructor and now I’m working on my PhD dissertation at Kyoto University, so I’m a student just like you:). Also, I’ve been teaching English for many years at High Schools and Universities, and taught many courses on communication, listening, academic writing and advanced TOEFL.
My father is a classical musician and all my childhood I had to travel and deal with numerous languages, like Spanish, French, English, Japanese, Russian and even Arabic. From my personal experience, I know how hard it is to learn foreign languages. It’s a very long and tiring process, which in my opinion can never end, because the more you learn the more tricky it becomes. In this chat room I would like to share my personal experience as a L2 learner, teacher, and even a translator, and give you as many practical tips as I know to achieve each of your goals. I’m really looking forward to meeting you all♪