Students' Comments

JSP 2022


(University of Victoria, Canada)

Joining the JSP program is one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I have grown as a person thanks to the experiences and relationships I gained.
Learning about Kyoto from multiple standpoints, such as culture, arts, and history, were all new to me, as I did not have the opportunity to do so in Canada. The teachers created a community in each classroom, so class discussions were always engaging for the group. 
Having the opportunity to take part in culture classes with the Japanese students allowed us to create a friendship that may otherwise be difficult. By utilizing the Japanese that we were taught in real life settings, I was able to deepen my bonds with my classmates and Japanese friends. 

Doshisha Women’s College provides field trips that students may otherwise not seek out on their own while enjoying their time abroad, such as visiting kofuns or watching the Takarazuka Revue. They also provide experiences such as wagashi-making, yuzen dyeing, as well as visits to traditional clubs such as the tea ceremony and ikebana. This gave international students the opportunity to get the most out of their stay in one of the most traditional cities in Japan. 

The JSP program provided me with knowledge, experiences, memories, and relationships that I will never forget. I strongly recommend anyone who wishes to experience Japan to apply to the program as well. 

JSP 2019


(Chatham University, U.S.A.)

I came into the program not really knowing what to except. Will my Japanese improve? Will I make friends? Will I survive with my mediocre Japanese? It actually turned a million better than what I thought! My classmates a really nice, my host family are so friendly and open, and my fellow JSP students are all great! The program lets me learn and practice Japanese in a great environment with really kind teachers and because I get to use the things I learned in class immediately out of class, I really am improving. I also came to really appreciate Kyoto as well. It’s not too small or big and because of the city’s history, there’s so much to see and explore especially places that are off the beaten path. I’ve learned a lot about Kyoto and Japanese culture through the culture courses. The teachers are very fun and the classes are really interesting I would definitely not have learned about any of this if it wasn't for those classes! On top of the culture courses, we also get to go on many field trips that are related to the topics we talked about in class. These field trips are really fun and enriching and it’s a way for us to get hands on experience of what we learn in class!

The whole study abroad experience is unlike anything I've ever experienced and was way out of my comfort zone. During my first weeks in Japan, I was so nervous! I was scared to use what I learned in class, to mess up, and I was nervous about meeting new people or going to new places.
But after embarrassing myself so much I became less scared of messing up and more willing to reach out. I feel like a whole different person than before and if this was back at home, I would never have been able to do that and I’m really happy I am able to be part of this program.

JSP 2018


(Makerere University, Uganda)

The Japanese Studies Program at Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts is astonishing; the staff, host family, classmates and professors are all accessible, considerate and supportive. Kyoto is a beautiful place that every day I could find something interesting and eye-catching like the place itself, the surrounding as well as the people.

As a development studies student, I was greatly impressed with the development process in Japan and how most of the people contribute towards its wellbeing (almost everyone is willing to offer a helping hand). Although Japanese people look shy, they are amazingly great people.

The teachers are wonderful and engaging, they use demonstration and anecdotes which made it easy for me to listen, understand and interact with them though it was not my kind of personality but I really enjoyed as it was a positive change of an interactive program with open student-teacher discussion. My classmates were so interesting and willing to offer help and guidance on all matters concerning academics and social issues.

Being the only African student on the program, I was nervous at first but I later enjoyed as people were willing to hang out with me “the memory of it is a joy forever”. I enjoyed staying with my host family; they were so lovely, generous, friendly and delightful.

am really grateful that I joined this program; it was such a one big opportunity for me.

Don’t miss out!!!!!!!

JSP 2017


( Wells College, U.S.A.)

The Japanese Studies Program at Doshisha Women’s College in Kyoto is extremely worthwhile. The staff at the Division of International Affairs office is especially helpful and willing to assist with any difficulty a student is having. Japanese students might be shy at first,but they’re always enthusiastic and ready to practice speaking with you.

The program itself is busy, packed with field trips and opportunities to experience Japanese culture. Despite this, you do have time to explore Kyoto and Japan at large by yourself, or with the friends you’ll make. Kyoto is a wonderful city with so much history in it.

Living there is a different experience, but a good one. There’s always something to do,somewhere to go, and something to see.

My only piece of advice would be to keep an upbeat and positive attitude. What you put into the program and the experience will come back to reward you.

Japanese Studies Program