Student Life Support

We have created a support system that enables each of our students to learn comfortably and have a fulfilling student life. Faculty, staff, and department seniors will be accessible to you as you embark on your studies and your life in this unfamiliar environment.



Big Sister System

Detailed advice in accordance
with the feelings of new students.

The Big Sister’s role is to get into contact with her paired new student (Little Sister) before she starts school, and answer questions about university life. Though the questions will primarily be about campus facilities and classes, she will also address lifestyle concerns, such as concerns the new student may have regarding living on her own. For myself as well, when I enrolled, I felt anxious about my new life, making friends, and course registration, so I try to remember those feelings as I get involved with new students.

Faculty of Liberal Arts, Department of Media
2nd Year Student



Advisor System

Listen to the student’s troubles and help them towards solution, as a presence that can take on any kind of consultation.

The advisor system allows the department faculty members to respond to student counseling as if they were a homeroom teacher. The advantage of this system is that the student can get advice and learn from persons other than the instructor in charge of the student’s seminar. As we listen to everything from schoolwork and lifestyle issues, as well as anything outside and beyond that, we let the student know that “you don't have to worry about things alone.”

Mariko Takagi
Faculty of Liberal Arts
Associate Professor, Department of Media


New Student Orientation

We hold events for new students to get to know the university and department, and support the beginning of their new lifestyle.

At the new student orientation, which occurs between enrollment up to the beginning of classes, we will explain things regarding the campus and course registration, and hold department welcome events. It is our duty as orientation leaders to be involved in the management of information sessions and events, and to provide support to new students so that they can start their university life with peace of mind. There, to the best of our abilities, we speak to all new students with a smile so that they can come to campus in a cheerful mood.

Orientation Leader
Faculty of Liberal Arts, Department of Media
3rd Year Student


Small-Group Education

Valuing dialogue with each and every person, developing detailed education.

We are thorough in our implementation of small-group education, which is focused on intimate communication between students, faculty members, and students in all departments. We actively incorporate discussions and group work to develop voluntary action, logical thinking, and presentation skills. This expands each student's individuality, intellect, and sensibilities.

Expand learning through mutual exchanges with other universities

Domestic Study Abroad System

Learn in different environments and cultures while in Japan

With the goal of further enhancing education, we have implemented a "domestic study abroad system" for one year or one semester, with three universities that share a common educational philosophy. We have agreements with women's universities in the Kanto and Chubu regions, which allows our students to study in different environments and cultures. Students may also move into the dormitory of the university that they are studying at, if so desired. This is a valuable opportunity to open the door to new learning and new friendships.

Partner Schools

  • Ferris University
  • Japan Women’s University
  • Kinjo Gakuin University

Credit Transfer System

Encounter new learning, beyond the university's boundaries

This system recognizes courses taken at other universities as D.W.C.L.A. credits. Since students can take courses freely beyond our university, they can study more deeply in their specialized fields, and can also experience other fields through subjects not available at D.W.C.L.A. This is a system full of new learning possibilities, such as cultivating new discoveries and viewpoints, and expanding not just the student’s values, but their interpersonal relationships as well.

Accredited Schools

  • Doshisha University
  • The Consortium of Universities in Kyoto
  • Kinjo Gakuin University
  • Nara Medical University
  • The Open University of Japan
  • Other Accredited Units

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