Learning System

With our roots in having been a cram school for girls, for over 140 years since D.W.C.L.A.’s founding we have been cultivating women who will change society. We are carving out our history of innovation, based on the aspirations of Doshisha founder Joseph Hardy Neesima, and the founding spirit of Christianism, Internationalism, and Liberal Arts.

Promoting Education that Fosters Creativity

It can be said that responding to the coming era with the knowledge of the past and conventional ideas is difficult, as society becomes more complex due to globalization and multipolarization. We will cultivate a wide range of knowledge and skills, flexible thinking ability, and the ability to create new value, in order to live flexibly while considering various environments and factors.

Gain High Expertise and a Wide Range of Education

We will develop step-by-step learning from the basics to development, and cultivate a definite expertise and a rich culture. Students will be able to take about 600 courses in other departments, in addition to the specialized courses in the faculty to which they are enrolled.


1st Year Education

Smooth Start of University Learning

We are developing a fulfilling first year education for new students. We will instruct them on how to write reports, how to use the library, presentation methods, and other learning methods at the college’s basic seminary and introductory subjects. Additionally, we have a five-day orientation program, and with the support of senior students, we offer advice on class registration and student life, as well as campus tours by department. Also, the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Department of Food Science and Nutrition, Faculty of Human Life and Science, offer classes to supplement the basic academic ability of science subjects, such as chemistry, biology, and mathematics.

1st Year

Establish the Basics with Basic Education Subjects and Introductory Subjects

Learn the basics of your 4-year specialized field. Acquire basic knowledge, research and learning methods in each field, and develop the ability to learn independently.

2nd Year

Step-up to Specialized Learning with Introductory and Basic Courses

Improve your basic skills and expertise in each field, based on the learnings of the first year. We will cultivate a broad perspective by having the students experience a wide range of learning, taking advantage of the characteristics of an integrated university.

3rd Year

Deepen Specialization in Applied/Basic Subjects, Basic Subjects, and Practical Training Subjects

Learn more specialized theories and deepen your research. Gain the acquired knowledge and skills through practice, such as experiments and practical training.

4th Year (6th Year for Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Bearing Fruit in Learning Through Seminar Subjects, Graduation Thesis, and Graduation Research

Consider ways to relate the knowledge, skills, and experiences that have been learned so far to each other, and utilize them in society. Each person will conduct research on themes that interest them, and deepen their graduation thesis or research.

Educational Features