Department of Childhood Studies


diagram of the department of childhood studies


Point 1
Looking at children in the context of social science

Solving problems related to children is one of the issues that today's society needs to tackle. Doing so requires questioning how society should be, as this is where children grow up. To think about child-related problems is to think about society in the future—which is the main reason why our department belongs to the Faculty of Contemporary Social Studies and not a faculty of education. Our department aims to understand children today from various angles and to examine social issues surrounding children not only in Japan but around the world, with an interdisciplinary approach. We develop in our students the ability to creative design and present solutions.

Point 2
Relationship with children: from "teaching" to "caring"

Our department sees children not as the objects of "teaching" but as the objects of "caring," as people have always seen them since ancient times. A relationship of caring is one of mutual concern. We discuss what kind of environment should be designed to facilitate caring relationships based on understanding of children. At the same time, we expect students to develop understanding of contemporary society through exploring child-related issues and to acquire basic skills required in all areas, including problem-solving skills and communication skills.

Point 3
Design the society of the future with imagination and creativity

Throughout our lives, all of us relate in no small way to people whose circumstances and points of view differ from our own. In this regard we need imagination in order to try to picture what others think. In addition, today's society requires us to have creativity in order to produce something new in cooperation with others. Our department develops these two skills in students through the study of child-related issues and participation in various activities. Our curriculum includes exercises, workshops, and fieldwork, enabling students to polish their skills in a practical environment.