Department of Human Life Studies


diagram of the department of human life studies


Point 1
Cultivating "life specialists" who can offer lifestyle suggestions

Students study about human life by taking systematically organized subjects in three core areas: humans, life, and the environment. We live in a time of unprecedented change, with new products rapidly gaining popularity and serious environmental issues threatening our wellbeing. The life specialists we aim to cultivate are individuals who keep their eyes open to the trend of the times; have knowledge and skills to live a rich life in our changing society; take family, society, and the global environment into consideration; and are capable of taking initiative. With diverse career options available to them, we expect our graduates to find areas in which they can contribute their expertise and suggest ways for people to enjoy richer and more comfortable lives.

Point 2
Conducting extensive and deep studies of various areas for a truly rich life

We provide students with deep insight into family, society, and the global environment, as well as the knowledge, skills, and sensibility necessary for realization of a truly rich life, with the aim of cultivating individuals who can offer suggestions for a lifestyle in tune with the needs of the times. Students examine scientific and cultural aspects of the core areas of clothing, food, and housing; economy; children; ethics; mind; welfare; and environment. Small-group education and a flexible curriculum that caters to each student's interests are our department's strong points.

Point 3
Aiming to work in various fields as "life specialists"

In daily life we are surrounded by various closely related phenomena. While clothing, food, and housing are the main topics explored in the Department of Human Life Studies, students also learn about social activities and systems that influence and are influenced by these three core aspects. Not only is such knowledge useful in one's own life, but as professionals with lifestyle expertise our graduates are equipped to serve in the fields of education, government, finance, distribution, welfare, and so on. Graduates of the Human Life Studies Department serve as life specialists in a variety of roles from specialist in apparel business or welfare to home economics teacher, financial planner, and interior coordinator.