Department of Music


Music Performance Major

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Music Culture Major

diagram of the department of music


Point 1
Broad perspective and expressive skills nurtured through a flexible liberal arts learning environment

As part of the Faculty of Liberal Arts, the Department of Music aims to cultivate performers and scholars who are not only highly skilled musicians but also able to reflect their overall intelligence and knowledge in their practical work. Improving performing skills and studying music academically of course lie at the core of our curriculum; at the same time we expect our students to have keen sensitivity in all forms of art. We emphasize enabling our students to expand their world by appreciating literature and artworks, and to express through words and music what impresses them visually, physically, and spiritually.

Point 2
Developing a well-rounded character through the study of music

From 2013 the music culture major will have an entirely new curriculum, with four courses that build on a foundation of Western music. The new courses feature thorough training in practical abilities including instrumental skills, computer-assisted composition, and music therapy for medical and social work; genres studied are not limited to Western music. Our aim is to produce women fully able to express themselves and contribute to society through their musical knowledge, technique, creativity, and powers of expression.

Point 3
Rich practice environment for improving performance skills

There are 55 practice rooms equipped with a grand piano, allowing students to concentrate on improving their performing skills in a quiet environment. The rooms are also available for use on weekends and holidays and during longer recesses as well. Neesima Memorial Chapel with its pipe organ and Shokei-ken with its excellent acoustics are available for students to perform before audiences and gain practical experience on occasions such as orchestra concerts and recitals. Also, the music material room in the library, which stores a great range of rare specialized books and music scores, is open to students for browsing.