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Location and Access

Kyotanabe Campus

The leafy Kyotanabe Campus is home to the students of the Faculties of Liberal Arts, Contemporary Social Studies and Pharmaceutical Sciences. The vast campus is easily accessible with an outdoor escalator, and houses modern buildings equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that are essential for an institution located in the Kansai Science City area.

kyotanabe campus scene


map, kyotanabe

Departments located on Kyotanabe Campus
Faculty of Liberal Arts
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Faculty of Nursing

Kodo, Kyotanabe City, Kyoto 610-0395

  • JR : Cross the road at the crosswalk in front of the Doshishamae station exit and walk uphill for 3 minutes to the Front Gate.
  • Kintetsu : From the 2nd floor exit of Kodo station, walk along the rail tracks, cross the pedestrian overpass and walk uphill to the Front Gate. Total 10-minutes walk.

Transportation Guide

access route to kyotanabe

Access by car:

■Keinawa Expressway
…Exit at Tanabe-nishi IC and drive eastward for approx. 5 minutes
■Daini-Keihan Road
From Kyoto : Exit at Hirakata-higashi IC or Yawata-higashi IC and drive eastward for approx. 15 minutes
From Osaka : Exit at Hirakata-Gakken IC and drive eastward for approx. 15 minutes

※Parking spaces for visitors are located near North Gate and West Gate. As the spaces are limited, please inform us beforehand that you are planning to visit by car. Please use public transport if you are visiting for Open Campus, public lectures or concerts.