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Campus Life Message from the Dean of the Division of Religious Affairs

Message from the Dean of the Division of Religious Affairs

Welcome! Let me briefly introduce what we do at the Division of Religious Affairs. First, please understand that all of us at Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts cherish one thing above all else—the fundamental educational philosophy that is our legacy from our founders and alumnae, passed down over the last 140 years: Christianity, internationalism, and liberal arts. That core philosophy is the founding spirit of Doshisha. The three concepts are united in education to develop character and conscience based on sound Christian principles of service and love.

The Division of Religious Affairs makes every effort to realize our founding spirit by collaborating with the divisions of Student Affairs and Academic Affairs to organize various programs and events directly related to student life. While maintaining consistency with the curriculum of the compulsory first-year Bible course and other courses related to Christianity and Doshisha, we host a daily chapel service and other activities. Our mission is not to spread Christianity per se, but to provide appropriate materials and information for students to gain an unbiased insight about the world, history, and other people, and to establish their own reference points and values to live by. We live in a complicated society where today more than ever people's values are confused and everything seems uncertain. In the midst of this uncertainty, we all are seeking ways to live a better life. We challenge students not to depend on borrowed knowledge but to keep striving and struggling, working out answers for themselves. We would be happy to help you along the way.

Please make your four years at the college a time for personal transformation by reflecting on yourself, learning who you are, meeting a variety of people, experiencing various things, and deepening your understanding of others while you improve yourself. The Division of Religious Affairs organizes a variety of activities, many of which are designed with an expectation of active and voluntary student participation. We offer many opportunities for students to take a break from academics in order to share opinions about the meaning of life and everyday encounters, the importance of love and service, and a host of problems and topics related to student life across boundaries of year and department.

Our calendar is full of special events unique to this college. Please feel free to join us, or take a moment to stop by our office in your free time. It might bring you a life-changing encounter or discovery.

Dean, Division of Religious Affairs