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Chapel Video Clips

Here are some clips of our college's various chapel services to help you discover their charms. Please enjoy the scenes of worship services accompanied by the sublime tones of the pipe organ.


Green Chapel Service
On this day, the daily chapel hour took place outside in the breezy Green Chapel, surrounded by fresh green foliage. The chapel space seating about 50 people quickly filled, and everyone enjoyed a refreshing time of worship mixed with birdsong. At Kyotanabe Campus we hold Green Chapel Service several times a year on sunny days.

Video Clip


Retreat (Preparation for Candlelight Service)
This clip shows the preparations for hymn singing. Of all the worship services held during the Retreat program, Candlelight Service includes the most singing. One of the student participants provides the musical accompaniment as a volunteer.

Video Clip


Retreat (Candlelight Service)
The overnight retreat program features a Candlelight Service in the evening. Lit only by candles, the room takes on a magical atmosphere. Retreat participants spend the end of the day singing hymns and listening to a talk by an alumna ("Vine speech").

Video Clip