Application for Tuition Reduction

D.W.C.L.A. offers tuition reduction with the aim to support international students with their studies by reducing their financial burden. The amount to be reduced is 30% of the tuition (the last three digits will be cut off).
Eligible students are international students who are enrolled in a regular undergraduate or graduate program of our college for the purpose of obtaining a degree and hold the status of residence "College Student" as designated in "Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act".
Based on the applications submitted by students, tuition reduction is granted to all new students in principle and to current students who fulfill the attendance and other requirements. Application and other procedures are processed at the Division of International Affairs.
If you entered the college through an entrance examination other than that for international students, but have the status of residence "College Student", you are eligible for the tuition reduction.

How to apply

  • 1.Submission of application for tuition reduction (for Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts)
    New students : Submit the application to the college at the time of enrollment procedures.
    Current students : Application forms are distributed in January every year. Submit the application to the college by the prescribed deadline (around mid-February).
  • 2. Verification of the status of residence "College Student"
If you cannot obtain the status of residence "College Student" in time for the above deadline due to the timing of application (or renewal) or other reasons, bring a document (such as the receipt of application issued by the Immigration Bureau) that proves that your application (or renewal application) is being processed. Then, as soon as you have obtained the status of residence "College Student", bring it to the Division of International Affairs for confirmation. Please also note that in the case your application for the status of residence "College Student" was denied, your tuition reduction will be canceled and you will be additionally charged the amount equivalent to the tuition reduction.