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International Exchange

Affiliated Colleges and Universities (8カ国43大学)

Offering learning opportunities on the international stage

Ever since the college was founded through the untiring efforts of an American missionaries in 1876, a commitment to international education has remained one of the educational pillars of the college. Nurturing young women who can contribute to international understanding, the college has concentrated on expanding the scope of its international programs. Its affiliated institution network covers 62 universities and colleges in 12 countries as of July 2018. The study-abroad programs allow students to transfer credits acquired at a partner institution for graduation. Studying and living abroad and communicating with students from around the world offers priceless experience to participants.

List of Partner Universities and Colleges

United States of America (19 institutions)


Canada (12 institutions)


United Kingdom (11 institutions)


Australia (6 Institutions)


New Zealand (1 institution)


Germany (2 institutions)


China (2 institutions)


Taiwan [the Republic of China] (6 institutions)


Korea (2 institutions)


Philippines (3 institutions)


Vietnam (2 institutions)


Thailand (2 institutions)


Malaysia (1 institution)