Japanese Studies Program

※ We have cancelled the JSP in 2021

The Japanese Studies Program (JSP) at Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts (DWCLA) was started in 1992. The JSP is a semester program which starts in late September and ends shortly before Christmas. The program offers up to 15 female international students both intensive Japanese language courses and Japanese culture and society courses in English. DWCLA students also participate in the culture courses. In pursuing their studies, students have full access to all the facilities available on campus. The program is mainly held on Imadegawa campus, which is in the center of Kyoto city, and students not only study in the classroom but also take field trips, which include tours of Kyoto.

This program is open only to female students mostly from our affiliated institutions. Applicants should apply for this program through their home institutions.

Japanese Studies Program
Japanese Studies Program

Japanese Studies Program (JSP) 2021 Application Guidelines

1. Program Outline

  1. 1) Course Dates : September 24th (Friday) to December 17th (Friday)
    ※Arrival date : September 22nd (Wednesday) Departure date : December 19th (Sunday) - 89days in total.
    ※Your student visa is valid for 3 months. Students who wish to stay more than 3 months are expected to change the residence status by themselves before the program ends.
  2. 2) Place : Imadegawa Campus (Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture)
  3. 3) Course Content :
    • ・Japanese Language Courses :Four 90-minute classes, plus one supplementary class with Teaching Assistants, per week

      The Japanese language classes are divided into three levels, Elementary A, Elementary B, and Intermediate C according to students’ language proficiency, background, etc. Participants will take a placement test on the day of orientation. There will be 2-5 students in each class.
      ・Japanese Culture and Society Courses : Three or four 90-minute classes per week
      ※Japanese culture and society classes are joint classes with DWCLA students and are delivered in English.
      ※We will offer 4 Courses. Participants are required to enroll in at least three of the four courses in order to fulfill the requirements of the program and receive a certificate.
      ※Please note that these courses are subject to change.
      ・Field Trips : Visit to temples and shrines etc in Kyoto.
      ・Social Events : Welcome party, farewell party, club visits (Calligraphy,Kimono wearing,Tea ceremony, Flower arrangement and Japanese music) ,and other events at Kyotanabe campus,etc.

  4. 4) Accommodations : DWCLA offers two types of accommodations:
    • a) Homestay (two meals per day) :
      Stay with the family of a DWCLA or Doshisha University student or graduate.

      (Host families reside within 90 minutes from Imadegawa Campus.)

    • b) Kyoto Ryugakusei (International Student) House :

      Single rooms with shared kitchen and shower room are available in Kyoto Prefecture’s self-catering dormitory for international students. Free internet access is available. The dormitory is located around 15 minutes from the Imadegawa campus on foot and 75 minutes from the Kyotanabe campus (50 minutes by train and 25 minute walk.)

      ※Decisions about accommodations will be made based on availability and each participant's request. Participants should move into their accommodations and leave on the designated date by DWCLA.

  5. 5) Program Size : The program is limited to a maximum of 15 students per year.
  6. 6) Transcript and Certificate : The transcript and the certificate of completion will be given by the president of DWCLA to students who have successfully completed the program. DWCLA will give one credit for each of the four Japanese language courses and two credits for each Japanese culture and society course.
  7. 7) Credit Transfer : Credit transfer will depend on the decision of the home institution. Applicants are advised to consult in advance with the appropriate officials at their home institution.
  8. 8) Evaluation : Students will receive a grade for each course they are enrolled in. Transcripts will be sent to home institutions after the completion of the program.

2.Qualification for Participation

An applicant must meet all the following requirements.

  • ・At least 18 years old as of September 1, 2021
  • ・Female university/college student who has completed at least one year of Japanese language study.
  • ・Be recommended by the home institution.
  • ・Native English speaker/B2 level of English on the CEFR(Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)or equivalent.

3. Cost of the JSP.

  • The program fees : \398,700
    (Tuition has been reduced by 30% from 2011! )
    • Accomodation fees : \180,000
      (The applicants from affiliated institutions are exempt from paying accommodation fee, as financial aid will be given. Please see "4. Financial Aid" below.)
    • Total : \578,700
  • The program fee includes tuition fees, the field trip fees (transportation and admission fee), welcome and farewell party fees, and the insurance premium. However, the program and accommodation fees do NOT include (1)airfare, (2)round trip transportation between Kansai airport and your accommodation, (3)accommodation fee, (4)lunch fees, (5)phone bills, (6)required textbooks, (7)cost of commuting (* Please note that if the total cost of the commuter’s pass exceeds \15,000 , DWCLA will pay the difference.).

4. Financial Aid

Grants of \200,000 are available for participants from affiliated universities/colleges. A settling-in allowance of \20,000 will be given to you when you arrive on the first orientation day. The rest of the amount of the scholarship, \180,000 depends on the participant’s accommodation:

  • ・Homestay : \180,000 (\60,000 /month) will be paid directly to your host family to cover 2 meals/day and basic living expenses for you by DWCLA.

  • ・Kyoto Ryugakusei House : \82,100 (\24,800 /month + \7,700 (cleaning cost)) will be paid to the Kyoto Ryugakusei House by DWCLA, and \97,900 (\32,700 × 1month & \32,600 × 2months) to you to subsidize meal expenses.

5. How to apply for the JSP

※Since the postal situation has not been good, we are accepting the documents by PDF documents. If you are thinking about applying for this program, please contact this E-mail address “first” (kokusa02@dwc.doshisha.ac.jp)

The applicants must submit the following documents to the staff in charge at their home institution. The documents have to be sent by postal mail to the Division of International Affairs (DIA) of DWCLA before the application deadline. (See contact address below)
The application deadline:April 27, 2021.

  1. 2021 Application documents(Click here to download)
  2.  1) 2021 Japanese Studies Program Application Form
  3.  2) Statement of Purpose
  4.  3) Certificate of Health
  5.  4) Japanese Language Inquiry
  6.  5) Letter of Recommendation
  7.  6) Official transcript from home institution
  8.  7) A clear color copy of your passport (the page on which your name and photo appear)
  9.  8) Homestay placement questionnaire
  10.  9) A brief letter introducing yourself (for host family)
  11.  10) A snapshot of yourself
  12.  11) Four ID quality facial photographs (4cm x 3cm / 1.6 inches x 1.2 inches)

  13. ※All the applicants must submit the Homestay Placement Questionnaire (document No.8) and a brief letter for host family (document No.9) regardless of their choice in accommodation.

6. Payment of Participation Expense

As for the participation expense, please make bank transfer to DWCLA by the end of August via each affiliated institution. Cancellation one week before the program starts or thereafter (according to Japan Standard Time) will incur cancellation fees equivalent to 10% of the program and accommodation fees.

7. Final Decision on the Program Implementation and Acceptance

Applicants will be notified of the results of their application via home institution by May 29, 2021.

8. Insurance

The content and coverage of the insurance that is covered during the program is as follows : The participation fees include insurance.

Injury Death and residual disability: \6,000,000
  Treatment cost: \3,000,000
Disease Treatment cost: \1,000,000 
Liability for personal injury or property \100,000,000 
Loss or damage of your own personal belongings \400,000

9. Application Form Submission Office and Contact Details

Address Teramachi-nishi-iru, Imadegawa-dori, Kamigyou-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto 602-0893 JAPAN
Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts
Division of International Affairs
Phone +81-(0)75-251-4158
Fax +81-(0)75-251-4160
Email kokusa-i@dwc.doshisha.ac.jp
Web site https://www.dwc.doshisha.ac.jp/english/