Students' Comments

Term A&B

Hannah Mabel Gatchalian Banocnoc (University of the Philippines Diliman, Philippines)

Learning a foreign language could be a daunting endeavor - it demands for a retentive memory and rigorous practice. You learn, you memorize, and then you apply. This JLIC Program allowed me to do just that whilst enjoying the different activities prepared for us, students. We made things such as Matcha tea, Kanzashi, and Japanese cakes. We also went on several fieldtrips to Kinkaku-ji, Ginkaku-ji and Uji. Aside from learning within the four walls of the classroom, the program exposed us to language exchanges wherein I met local students who patiently helped me apply the things I had learned in class. Furthermore, club visits provided for a genuine process of embracing Japanese culture as we learned how to dress up in a yukata, play the koto, and make our ikebana. Since I stayed for both Terms A and B, I was able to explore not only Kyoto but also its neighboring prefectures. I would definitely join JLIC again if given the chance for I was welcomed by accommodating staff, teachers, and new-found friends. To anyone interested in Japanese culture and language, I recommend JLIC for it allowed me to embrace both in a short span of two months.

Hannah Mabel Gatchalian Banocnoc

Term B

Chia-Yi Cho (National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan)

Joining the JLIC is the best decision I have ever made. I only attended term B for a month, but the stay in Kyoto will be one of the best memories in my life. I felt that my Japanese has improved a lot after taking the courses during the JLIC. The courses included not only language learning but also Japanese culture, and history and the courses are so interesting that I had fun time learning in class. The language exchange was also a very special experience because I got chances to use what I have learned in class. Besides, all of the students treated the foreign students so nice. They were willing to help us when we have questions in Japanese. Also, the weekly field trip made us become closer to Japanese students. We went to Kinkaku-ji, Ginkaku-ji, and made our own kanzashi and muddler. Because of all the amazing things I have experienced and the amazing people I have met, I think the JLIC is a nice program that people who want to experience Japan and learn Japanese can join.

Chia-Yi Cho