International Social System Studies



Established to represent the college's founding spirit of Internationalism.

Today's globalizing society faces many problems arising from interactions between people of different historical, cultural, and political backgrounds. As a program that represent's the college's founding spirit of Internationalism, we aim to cultivate professionals and researchers who can take leadership in tackling issues in international society.

Seeking ways for harmonious coexistence and cultivating women who can contribute to global society

In search of ways to achieve harmonious coexistence, the biggest goal of international society, we undertake education and research in four sectors:

  • a. International cooperation and international organizations
  • b. International exchange and society
  • c. Contemporary society and culture
  • d. Contemporary society and children

Career options in various fields in international society, including multinational enterprises and international research organizations

Extensive knowledge in international society and international organizations enhances students' capacity to understand and solve international issues. Graduates of this program go on to careers in international organizations and NGOs or education and research, as well as in multinational enterprises, media and journalism, local government, international sections of business enterprises, and primary and secondary schools. The opportunities are truly limitless.