Department of English


diagram of the department of English


Point 1
Deepening knowledge by appreciating the literature and culture of English-speaking countries

Intensive training in the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing takes place during the first two years, when students work toward quickly earning a TOEIC® score above 600 while also gaining basic, multifaceted knowledge of the literature and culture of English-speaking countries. In the third and fourth year seminars, they pursue individual study and research using the English skills and knowledge acquired in the first two years. Students choose from a wide selection of seminars, including one on translating Japanese novels and one on the art of movie subtitles. Shakespeare Production, Kyoto Studies, Translation, and other unique offerings allow students to enjoyably expand and deepen their knowledge in the areas of their interest.

Point 2
Developing all-round specialists in English through small-group education and a wide range of skill-based courses

Contents of classes in related subjects are linked so that students can effectively improve their skills. All classes offer a small-group learning environment to guarantee every member's active participation. Speaking I, II features classes of about ten students, offering ample time to communicate with instructors, all native speakers of English. We also offer a range of seminars for TOEIC® preparation, providing practice and explanation of mock exams. Department students can take TOEIC® on campus for free every year and check their progress by themselves. We also offer a full menu of skill-based courses in each of the four years, preparing students to be all-round specialists in English.

Point 3
AES (Accelerated English Studies) A special course for developing the most advanced level of English proficiency

The two-year AES course provides an advanced learning environment for highly motivated and able students to acquire the level of English language proficiency needed to study at a foreign higher education institution or work overseas. Teaching staff, consisting mainly of native English speakers, lecture and conduct exercises entirely in English. Seeking to acquire the most advanced level of English proficiency as university students, participants equip themselves with the skills necessary for study abroad. Some aim for a one-year study abroad program at one of our partner universities. Selection is held every semester. The AES course includes a special class in interpreting.

Point 4
A rich assortment of foreign language courses

French, German, Chinese, Korean, Italian, and Spanish classes are offered as elective compulsory foreign language courses, allowing students to select the language of their choice from a wide range of options. English structure and etymology show great influence from other European languages, and learning about those languages and their cultural backgrounds is highly beneficial for students in the Department of English. Meanwhile, learning about neighboring countries whose ties with Japan extend back to ancient times helps deepen understanding and appreciation of Japanese language and culture. The study environment we proudly offer, with six foreign languages in addition to English, is highly beneficial for those who aspire to gain language skills, a broad perspective, and understanding of different cultures and multiculturalism—all requisites for cosmopolitan members of our increasingly globalized society.

Point 5
Support for English learning
Students can register at no cost for self-study systems offered by ALC and Super English. These systems are accessible from home as well, so students can study at their own pace and convenience, wherever and whenever they like.