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Postgraduate Certificate Program in Music

Postgraduate Certificate Program in Music


Course Composition and Implementation

The Postgraduate Certificate Program in Music comprises a curriculum that emphasizes practical education in which students acquire advanced skills and knowledge of music that will allow them to contribute to society through music. The curriculum also brings music students together with their undergraduate counterparts, promoting exchange among students that benefits and motivates all involved.

Awarding of Certificate

Based on the university's standard policy for awarding credits, students in the Postgraduate Certificate Program in Music will be awarded a certificate upon satisfying the following conditions showing that they possess the knowledge, skills, and attitude required to enter society as music professionals.


Possess a deep and comprehensive understanding of music, the musical performance methods needed to continue improving specialized skills and techniques, and the knowledge needed to interpret musical pieces.


Possess the initiative to work with others in creating works of musical art, and to participate in the field of music with vigor and enthusiasm by creating and producing different kinds of music in response to society's needs.


Help people acquire a greater appreciation of music by using one's advanced skills and specialized knowledge and by conducting music-related activities that make a positive contribution to society.

Course Completion


Acquisition of at least 30 credits in both required subjects for one's major and in elective subjects. Students satisfying these requirements will be awarded a diploma.

Enrollment quota, course completion time limit

Enrollment quota: 20 students
Course completion: 1 year


Certificates available for acquisition

  • ・Special certificate in junior high school education (music)
  • ・Special certificate in high school education (music)

Basic qualifications for acquisition

Must have class 1 junior high school or high school teaching certificate (in music), or have the credits needed to acquire a class 1 certificate.

Minimum number of credits required

Acquisition of at least 24 credits for subjects in the teaching column on the list of open subjects for this university.

Possible Post-Graduation Fields

  • ・Music teacher (junior high school, high school)
  • ・Orchestra member
  • ・Music specialist
  • ・Musician/performer
  • ・Music instructor
  • ・Graduate student at overseas university