Japanese Studies



Study of Japanese language and culture using various approaches

This major studies the language and culture of Japan, not from the point of view of specific genres, but with the interdisciplinary combinations of various aspects including language, literature, philosophy, religion, and art. Focusing on the historical, traditional city of Kyoto as the starting point, we offer a range of subjects to discuss the culture of Kyoto, taking advantage of the geographical and historical environment of Imadegawa Campus. Through such study, students decide on their research theme and method and continue their study of Japanese culture while working on their thesis. We also offer a Japanese language teacher training course in accordance with the guidelines of the Agency for Cultural Affairs.

Flexible system for mature students

We are making every effort to accept students of various backgrounds, offering classes during the time of day when students with a job and/or family can attend. Currently our students include international students, businesspeople, and homemakers, as well as recent graduates of undergraduate programs at our college or other institutions. We aim to cultivate mature women with an international perspective and broad knowledge, and to nurture researchers and other highly-skilled professionals including Japanese language teachers, junior and senior high school teachers, and museum curators.