Studying Anglo-American literature and language from a broad perspective

The main areas of research are British literature and cultural background, American literature and cultural background, and linguistic study of the English language. Students choose one of these three areas and devise their own individual curriculum according to their research theme. While the research object needs to be more specific compared to the undergraduate program, students are expected to explore their research topic from a broad perspective. For this reason, in the master's program in particular students are encouraged to relate other areas of study to their research theme as they build their argument. Students work toward their master's or doctoral thesis through individual consultation with the supervisor.

Global knowledge and sensibility to expand your potential

This major offers a wide range of subjects related mainly to literature and language, enabling students to take various approaches toward their research theme. To acquire a more global perspective, students can also choose to study for one year at an overseas graduate school under our college's original study abroad program. Graduate students in this major read a variety of original English texts and take subjects taught by native English-speaking instructors, thereby developing a high level of English communication skills that will serve them well in their professional careers.