Food Science and Nutrition Studies



Food Science and Nutrition Course

Nurturing researchers with advanced knowledge who share the viewpoint of consumers

We cultivate researchers with advanced expertise in food and diet, and the ability to think from the standpoint of actual consumers of food. Students choose their research theme from one of three areas—food science, nutrition, and cookery science—and undertake research centering on experiments. The research experience and the sense of professionalism gained in this course will open up the possibility of working in a teaching position at a university or college or as a researcher at a business enterprise.

Clinical Nutrition Course

Training registered dietitians to work in hospitals and welfare facilities

This course enables holders of the qualification of registered dietitian to acquire knowledge and skills in the latest medical care. Through lectures focusing on pathological nutrition, one-year internships at a hospital offering highly advanced medical treatment, case studies of pathological nutrition in cooperation with a medical doctor, and other activities, students acquire the knowledge and skills needed for advanced nutrition management. Graduates are expected to work as registered dietitians in clinical practice at hospitals or welfare facilities, providing appropriate advice on nutrition.