Department of Food Science and Nutrition


In the Food Science Major, students cultivate broad knowledge of food, cookery, and nutrition, as well as a scientific point of view, through various experiments and exercises in search of how food should be in the age to come. Our diverse curriculum covers participation in new food product development as well as cultivation of logical thinking through report writing and presentations. The Nutrition and Dietetics Major offers clinical nutrition as its core subject and provides rigorous training and education including experiments and exercises to prepare students for the national examination and for other career options.

Food Science
Students learn skills to scientifically analyze the composition and nature of foods. They also learn a scientific approach to methods of food processing and preservation.
Cookery Science
Students analyze the composition and nature of food materials by examining chemical changes that occur during the cooking process. They also learn about cooking methods that improve nutritional value and taste.
Students learn the mechanisms of how nutrients change and are used in the body, as well as the relation between eating habits, health enhancement, and disease prevention, and how health management should be carried out.

Features of the Food Science Major

diagram of the major in food science

Balanced learning of food science, cookery science, and nutrition
Opportunity to obtain qualifications as food sanitation supervisor and home economics teacher
Unique class involving Kyoto's traditional sweets and ingredients

Features of Nutrition and Dietetics Major

diagram of the major in nutrition and dietetics

Strong support toward the national examination and a high pass rate
Specialized education focusing on clinical nutrition
Wide range of career options