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Department of International Studies


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Point 1
Acquisition of English Skills to Become Thoughtful and Productive Citizens of the World

We expect our students to achieve these goals: 1) acquire high enough proficiency in English to study at a university in an English-speaking country as a regular student, 2) embark on study abroad with a clear objective, 3) compare and contrast the perspectives of Japan and the English-speaking world, and 4) gain insight into the nature of things. To this end, most of our classes are taught in English and we provide painstaking support to students building their English skills. We encourage students to have various learning experiences unavailable at Japanese universities, and to develop comprehensive skills to use English for thinking about and discussing various social issues.

Point 2
Cultivating cultured women through three steps of study focusing on the year abroad

Students engage in individual research through three steps: 1) deciding on the research project in Japan, 2) pursuing the research project during the year abroad, and 3) consolidating the research project in the graduation thesis following the year abroad. As the goal of study abroad is to obtain credits in regular course offerings at the host institution, students are expected to be fully aware of what they wish to study. Each participant is encouraged to learn the importance of having a clear vision and working to realize her goal. We hope the experiences and knowledge gained during study abroad will help each one develop into a woman who can see things from different viewpoints, understand foreign cultures, and examine and solve various problems and future issues in Japan.

Point 3
Meticulous support by faculty and staff during study abroad

During the year abroad, students work toward obtaining credits in regular course offerings of the host institution and acquiring a level of English proficiency sufficient for them to take part in active discussions with native speakers of English. Communication with students of the host institution and fellow international students from around the world also deepen understanding of different cultures. Our faculty and staff offer firm support during the year abroad. Students are required to submit monthly reports to their supervisor and to participate in online presentations and discussions through a video call system during the middle of their year abroad. The supervisor will also give meticulous advice on studies and daily life at the host institution.