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About D.W.C.L.A. Emblem, Crest, College Song

Emblem, Crest, College Song

Emblem of Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts

emblem of D.W.C.L.A

D.W.C.L.A. is the abbreviation of Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts. The emblem was adopted in 1949. The design is based on the Doshisha emblem, adopted in 1893, which represents Doshisha’s educational philosophy aiming at the trinity or harmony of three elements of education: intellectual, moral, and physical.

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Emblem of Doshisha

emblem of doshisha

The emblem of Doshisha, which consists of three triangles, is a stylized Assyrian letter meaning a nation or a land. It was designed by Doshisha alumnus Hangetsu Yuasa, a poet and a scholar of the ancient Orient. Hangetsu was a professor of theology at Doshisha University when the emblem was made. It has been interpreted as a symbol of Doshisha’s educational philosophy aiming at the harmony of three aspects of education: intellectual, moral and physical.

Adopted in October 1893
Designed by Hangetsu Yuasa

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School Colors

Our school colors are purple and white. The royal purple of Doshisha is the same as the school color of Amherst College in Massachusetts, where the founder, Joseph Hardy Neesima, studied. The school flag shows the Doshisha emblem in white on a field of royal purple.

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D.W.C.L.A. Crest

D.W.C.L.A. Crest

Our crest design combines the words of Jesus (Ego sum vitis vera: I am the true vine), the D.W.C.L.A. emblem and founding year, a campus building (Eiko-kan), grapes and a grapevine. It is based on a work by one of our alumnae.

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College Song of Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts


Lyrics by Kunitomo Emori
Music by Kazuko Hara

D.W.C.L.A college song

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Doshisha College Song


Words by W.M.Vories
Music by Carl Wilhelm

Doshisha Collge Song

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