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About D.W.C.L.A. Slogan and Logo

Slogan and Logot


Always rising to a new challenge

Always rising to a new challenge いつの時代も、新しきを生きる。 同志社女子大学

This slogan conveys the message "Always let your originality shine as you respond to the changes of the times." Inspired by the determination of Joseph Hardy Neesima in founding Doshisha and by the life of his wife, Yae Neesima, whom he called a "handsome woman," the words of the slogan evoke the spirit of tradition and innovation that sets D.W.C.L.A. apart. We believe that this slogan, inspired by the college roots, represents our tradition of venturing into new realms of education and research throughout our history of 135 years. The spirit of this message can be shared not only among current students but also with alumnae and other members of the broader college community. The slogan is bilingual in Japanese and English for wider communication.

Communication Logo



  1. 1) WATASHI = ("I") Individual students who study with eagerness and determination, moving toward their goals.
  2. 2) DWCLA = Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts supports students by offering a positive study environment.

This logo represents the new possibilities for women that emerge from the pairing of these two elements. The symbolic design gives the viewer an intuitive impression of possibilities that arise from each individual's taking on a challenge at the college. We use the logo in a variety of media to increase penetration of the concept.