A Limited-Contract Teaching Position (Contract Teacher)

A Limited-Contract Teaching Position (Contract Teacher), Beginning April 2020
Department of International Studies, Faculty of Liberal Arts,
Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts

The Department of International Studies, Faculty of Liberal Arts, of Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts, located on the Kyotanabe Campus in southern Kyoto Prefecture, will have an opening for a five-year (two plus three years) limited contract position, beginning in April 2020.

Application handbook

Field of specialty English and Applied Linguistics
Position available Contract Teacher (One)
Duties include teaching and work related to faculty and departmental administration.
Official title Professor, Associate Professor or Assistant Professor
Contract Period Five years beginning April 1 2020. Non-renewable contract. (The initial term of the contract is two years. It can be renewed once for an additional three-year term)  
Affiliation Department of International Studies, Faculty of Liberal Arts
Duties and the courses to be taught Teaching a minimum of eight 90 minute classes per week. Teaching and running of the English skills program (Academic Speaking, Academic Writing, Integrative Skills, and related courses). International Studies courses.
Qualifications ・Sympathetic understanding of Christianity and the founding principles of Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts.
・Native English ability, or the ability to lecture and teach in English. Sufficient Japanese for general communication.
・MA or above in the field of English language education, or the equivalent. 
・Teaching experience in ESL or EAP.
・Teaching experience in TOEFL (especially TOEFL iBT) or IELTS is favorable.
Salary and benefits (1) Basic pay: To be calculated according to the candidate’s age as of April 1 2020, in accordance with the Doshisha salary scale.(There is no bonus or retirement pay.)
  Other: Special allowances will be paid for commuting expenses and extra classes.
(2) Health Insurance. (Shigaku-Kyosai.)
(3) Initial relocation expenses will be paid only for relocation within Japan. (There is no allowance for relocation expenses at the end of the contract.)  
(4) No allowance for research or research trips.
※Retirement age at Doshisha Women’s College is fixed at 65 years old.
Expected starting date April 1, 2020
Required documents 

* Forms in Japanese for (1)~(3) and the directions for (1)(2) can be downloaded below.

(1) One (1) resume (*Use the official form; the applicant’s name must be handwritten).   
  • Please follow the instructions shown in the Rirekisho no Kinyu-houhou (How to fill out the form for resume).
     PDF (174KB)
  • Please follow the instructions shown in the Rirekisho no Kinyu-rei (Sample).
     PDF (158KB)


(2)  List of publications and presentations (*Use the official form)
  • Please follow the instructions shown in the Gyosekisho no Kinyu-houhou (How to fill out the form for the list of publications and presentations).
     PDF (192KB)
  • Please follow the instructions shown in the Gyosekisho no Kinyu-rei (Sample).
     PDF (207KB)
(3) Photograph (*4.5cm×3.5cm, attached to the official form)

(4) Three (3) academic publications or dissertations (1 off-print or copy of each).
(5) An essay on present research interest and the contribution you could make to the department’s teaching and research.(A4 size, 500~750 words)
(6) One (1) copy of highest degree certificate

※ N.B. for (1) and (2) also submit data files (memory stick or CD-R)


Application materials must reach us no later than Friday, August 30, 2019.

※ In general, application materials will not be returned. If you would like your publications or dissertation returned, please let us know when you apply and enclose a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope.

Interview date

Sunday, September 22, 2019   09:00 a.m.

※Applicants to be interviewed will be notified on September 17 (Tuesday) after 3 P.M.
※Applicants who pass the initial screening will be interviewed and asked to give a 10 minute demonstration class. 

Send applications to

Department of International Studies
Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts
Kodo, Kyotanabe
Kyoto 610-0395

Tel:0774-65-8602      Fax:0774-65-8446

※Send application materials via registered mail (kakitome) or simplified registered mail (kan’i-kakitome) clearly marked “Application Documents (Contract Teacher)” in red.

For additional information

※Application materials will be handled carefully, with full discretion, and will be disposed of after the selection process has been completed. Personal information will not be used for purposes other than the selection, in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Law of Japan.
※Please direct all enquiries to the Department of International Studies office. Please be aware that the office is closed 10 August to 18 August 2019.