Students' Comments

JSP 2017

The Japanese Studies Program at Doshisha Women’s College in Kyoto is extremely worthwhile. The staff at the Division of International Affairs office is especially helpful and willing to assist with any difficulty a student is having. Japanese students might be shy at first,but they’re always enthusiastic and ready to practice speaking with you.

The program itself is busy, packed with field trips and opportunities to experience Japanese culture. Despite this, you do have time to explore Kyoto and Japan at large by yourself, or with the friends you’ll make. Kyoto is a wonderful city with so much history in it.

Living there is a different experience, but a good one. There’s always something to do,somewhere to go, and something to see.

My only piece of advice would be to keep an upbeat and positive attitude. What you put into the program and the experience will come back to reward you.

Ms.Autumn Smith
Emma Ramsey
( Wells College, U.S.A.)

JSP 2016

Japanese Studies Program at Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts is amazing. The staff, host families, and teachers are all exceptionally kind and helpful; you can tell they really want you to succeed.

In Kyoto, everyday is filled with something new and interesting. There are almost too many places of historical or cultural significance to count. While the program is relatively busy, you can still find time to travel around Japan. I myself visited Tokyo, Hakone, Kinosaki, Kyushu, and more. The class field trips are another excellent opportunity to see more of Japan, with the added bonus of having the teachers guide you.

The classes themselves are engaging and the teachers are clearly passionate about their subjects. My Japanese classmates were all very friendly. They’re always excited to help you learn Japanese, so don’t be afraid to test out your skills on them.

The Japanese Studies Program is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to really immerse yourself in Japanese culture. Don’t miss out!

Ms.Autumn Smith
Ms. Cassandra Lin Bragdon
(Mary Baldwin University)

JSP 2015

Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts(DWCLA) is located right in the heart of Japanese history and culture. Kyoto is home to an outstanding World Heritage site which encompasses Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines and a castle; two of which are located nearby my host family's home. As a history major, I am delighted to be here. Every day is a new opportunity to learn about and explore the temples around every corner or the busy area of Shijo.

The Japanese Studies Program is phenomenal. The teachers here are kind and patient. Lessons are thorough and engaging. My favorite part of my classes is interacting with my Japanese classmates. We exchange ideas, perspectives and opportunities to practice our foreign language speaking skills. Everyone at DWCLA is friendly and helpful. Not once have I felt alone during my stay. I can always count on my teachers, classmates, friends and the staff of International Exchange Center for support. And for that I am extremely grateful.

Ms.Autumn Smith
Ms. Cinthia Paola Rodriguez
(Wells College)