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About D.W.C.L.A. Message from the President

Message from the President

Nurturing women who can use their college experience in society

President KAGA,Hiroo

Nearly 140 years have gone by since our founder, Joseph Hardy Neesima, believing in the importance of women’s education, established a school for young women at Doshisha. From the first, D.W.C.L.A. has maintained an educational philosophy founded firmly upon Christianity, internationalism, and liberal arts. Our constant goal is to nurture independent women who use their knowledge and skills as conscience dictates, working actively for the good of society.

Honoring its traditions while making continual progress, the college has now grown to include ten departments in five faculties, providing students with high-level expertise and a broad, interdisciplinary liberal arts education. Our students are eligible to take courses for credit at Doshisha University and the Consortium of Universities in Kyoto, and we offer a wide range of student exchange and international exchange programs. We support students by offering a women-centered study environment and by providing numerous chances to step outside that environment to expand and deepen the field of study. We are also proud of the intimate atmosphere of shared learning and growth between teachers and students.

As a college based on Christian principles, we encourage our students not only to pursue their academic activities but also to experience and communicate with more universal things in life, and to make use of what they study to improve their lives and those of others.

The Doshisha College Song ends with this line: “Tho’ through the world we wander far and wide, still in our hearts thy precepts shall abide.” The words are a distillation of the shared spirit among D.W.C.L.A. alumnae around the world that our college remains the foundation for their contributions to society.

We look forward to seeing you on campus. I am confident that you will be pleased with your decision to study at Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts.

President President's autograph KAGA,Hiroo